SESSIONS OFFERED by Marianne Johansen




for when you want to live a spirit-focused life



With my range of psychic and natural healing skills, I help people all over the world when they face:

  • Difficult life decisions or relationships.
  • Feelings of fear, depression, stress or being 'lost'.
  • Physical ailments.
  • A desire to illuminate their natural gifts.
  • A desire to unfold their talents, live in alignment with their true nature.
  • Spiritual awakenings.
  • Pondering of "higher questions".
  • An interest in the hidden meaning or lessons behind their challenges, doubts, or blockages.
  • A wish to see life from a higher, cosmic perspective and get closer to their Soul.
  • A desire to have a 'reset' of their original blueprint.


  • Finding internal balance, using self-healing abilities, showing the core of love, connecting mind-body-soul, aiming for the highest good for all.



Whether you are faced with several challenges, or just one issue is bothering you or blocking your soul, every session is deeply individual and healing, and is automatically adjusted to work for the highest outcome from where you are in life.




I have a unique way of seeing, understanding and working with deep, underlying energies, as well as current conditions and influences in your life. I use multiple intuitive healing skills and clair/psychic senses to create balance - also physically - and boost your self-motivation and spark.


We work in collaboration - soul to soul.


Imbalances of any kind mostly originate in our spiritual (energetic) level.

You work through your different layers at your pace, with me as your guide, to clear away blockages and imbalances. Healing and integration is initiated from the inside and out based on who you are at soul level.


I sense your original energy template, or blueprint, and reset it, while I clear your auric field and chakras from slow or low vibrational energies. I also open up for high vibrational energies to enter your field and get to the root of the cause(s) of any blockages.


The intuitive and clairvoyant information you receive in every session with me, is often very down-to-earth but also includes a high vibrational/spiritual perspective to help you become aware of who you are, why you experience your challenges, and how you can unlock your potential.




"Every time I come to Marianne, a big positive shift happens in me. I am not the same person I was five months ago". -Suzanne, U.K.


"All stress regarding finishing all my work before the holiday melted away. I was able to get all of my work done in a calm and collected manner. Have not been able to do this for as long as I remember"! -Kathy, U.K.

Answer every call that excites your Soul - Rumi


Get to know more about:

  • Your soul purpose, your true skills and strengths
  • Past life influences/challenges
  • What the themes and trials in your life mean
  • Your planetary hot spots
  • Your optimal natural environment/element
  • Important time periods
  • The meaning behind your relationships
  • Influential people, certain guides
  • Certain herbs or plants for you
  • The signals your body is telling you
  • Tips on how to balance your activities
  • How to raise your vibration






SELF-AWARENESS is the first step


"When you want to see change, the only place to start is within".



Monday - Friday: 9am - 3pm

Sat/Sunday: 10:30am - 2pm

Closed: Public holidays



Marianne Johansen is based in Egå, Denmark.


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