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"An earthly yet spiritual, practical yet philosophical companion to life"




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My FIRST BOOK – “FINDING YOUR WAY” - is published and

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It is my sincere hope that, my book will ‘find its way’ and be an inspiration to many souls and hearts all over the world!

-Marianne Johansen



From the interior of the book:

..Nowadays, many people are also starting to believe in global mass consciousness; they believe that the sum of all our thoughts plays a part in creating our future. This ties in with the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies, which I will talk about later. If we think we can change our lives by changing the ways we think and act, could we be jointly able to influence our planet and the way we live?


Even if we do not believe in a global mass consciousness, why not combat our fears and other negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings and turn them into trust, tolerance, and kindness? So much more is produced when people are fulfilled, respected, balanced, able to be creative, and able to be individuals who are part of something positive. Why not initiate a positive ripple effect by starting to make positive changes in ourselves?..





Back cover:



"Do you suspect there is a connection between your thoughts and feelings and the things that happen in your life? Do you often feel blocked yet cannot put your finger on why? Have you ever pondered what life is all about? What

your life is all about?


Life is full of mysteries and complexities. It can sometimes seem like we are

in a maze, trying to find our way out.


Finding Your Way casts a light on the maze of life and can help you feel at

peace with where you are right now, find out where you are headed, and

how you can change direction. Finding Your Way focuses on self-awareness

and can help you notice your thoughts and feelings in a variety of situations

to break negative cycles. It reassures you that you are not alone. It peels

away the norm as it looks behind the standard perceptions of life and our

existence here, offering forward-thinking and thought-provoking ideas and



It is a practical yet philosophical and earthly yet spiritual guide to

help you navigate through life and promote understanding and compassion

toward yourself, others and our environment.


It includes topics like children and education, our environment, personal

development, bereavement and grief, spiritual concepts, and many more.


Finding Your Way is intended to help you find your own way by raising your

awareness of your existence, the existence of others, and of your place in

nature, on our planet, and in our universe.


Master your own transformation."


Marianne Johansen



SELF-AWARENESS is the first step


"When you want to see change, the only place to start is within".



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