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Symbolism: Pyramid, monument, energy vortex, generator, transformer


Appeared/Meaning: I have 'seen' pyramids above me during healing sessions performed on me, in dreams or during meditations. They always seem to appear as powerful energy vortices, either carrying tainted energies out or infusing focused, clean, healing pure energy, like a funnel direct from source, and maybe almost too pure for us to consciously comprehend while in body, but noticeable in visions and sensations. One out of hundreds of theories about the pyramids, is that they act as energy generators/conductors and have connected up to a global power 'ring'. No doubt the words energy and pyramids are unanimous.

Symbolism: Creation, wheel of creation, alchemy, 13 instead of 12 (12 around 1), the numbers 12 and 13, rays


Appeared/Meaning: As with many of my visions, I had them while painting or drawing. I drew this particular image around 2005/2006 on a piece of paper, after waking up from a dream. It was very clear to me, color choice and everything. I have read about the 12 around 1 theories, and how it is considered almost sacred, but this vision has 13 'rays' coming out from a source. We have been imprinted with the idea that 13 is a number of bad omen. I think it has an almost 'magic', all-powerful vibration, connected with creation and yet to come to full use.

Symbolism: New earth, entering another dimension, healing earth


Appeared/Meaning: I made this in 2016. There was a lot of talk (and still is) about the earth's ascension, entering the 5th dimension, shifting realities and timelines, a call for earth healing, sometimes tied to the great Harmonic Convergence of 1987 where planets in our solar system were in an exceptional alignment and a global mass meditation was performed (I did not participate in this, as this was before my 'spiritual awakening). However, this vision was one where I felt like a layer of universal love or healing descended upon earth, or perhaps we rose into it. A fusion occurred, perhaps a mass awakening of even more people realising their spiritual nature and wanting a positive world.

Symbolism: Feathers, white, grey, black, signs from spirits, angels, loved ones


Appeared/Meaning: I have come across an abundance of feathers since 2009, too many for me to just dismiss them as coincidental and with no meaning behind it. The timing and the places they have appeared have always come as a comfort, reassurance or boost of spirit. One time, the same feather appeared on my car door handle two days in a row, as I had not picked it up as I normally do when I come across a feather. One time a white feather fell down almost like in slow-motion and landed on the windshield of my car as I was talking to someone about a loved one who had passed.

Symbolism: Portals, doorways, gateways, graduation, rise to next level, rebirth


Appeared/Meaning: Doorways or portals are archetypal symbols that can appear in many instances. In dreams, in waken life, during divination sessions. Notice whether there is a closed door, if you are being advised to open it or leave it closed, and notice what is behind the door, and how you feel as you either open it or walk away from it. Doorways or portals or gates can symbolise you being at a threshold to something new or different, entering a new phase, rising to a new level, looking ahead, rebirth, opportunities and so on. A good tip is to notice your feelings associated with this symbol.

Symbolism: Vortices, energy points, portals, earth ley lines converging


Appeared/Meaning: I made this image around 2003. I was opening up to using new healing modalities at the time and I was getting into more divination methods. Looking at my life from above would've probably looked like me in the middle of an energy vortex, input swirling about, looking at many things, deepening in other areas.

When I do healing and energy work I often see a vortex, whether energy gets sucked into it or energy is cleared and purified and lifted to higher vibrations. Vortices could also be links to other realms and dimensions?

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