This image is from Canada, appr. 2 hrs. by car North-West of Montreal. I took this shot in July 2014. No flash was used on any of my orb photos.


As with most orb pictures you don't see the orbs with your naked eye, but only on the photo. I have also read of many that have actually seen orbs in 'real life'.


Skeptics say most orb photos just show the sun's rays on the lense, or reflect dust particles at flash photography, or different angles of the camera make them change in appearance and so on. I agree with that in some cases it is the sun reflecting off the lens somehow, but not in all cases. There is a difference when you look at the photos.


Being an energy sensitive person, I sense when there is a presence in the form of an energy, I feel a sudden rush of energy, or get goose bumps, or just am urged to stop and take in a place with all my senses. This is often when I am inspired to take a photo, and these are most often the cases where there is some kind of orb or appearing on the photo.


I was out walking in this forest outside Aarhus, Denmark, with my two boys. It was Valentine's Day, 2016.


They were running ahead of me and I went past a place. I felt this urge to go backwards a few steps, I looked to my left, stood there, and just felt compelled to take this photo among some others.


I love photography and always take many pictures, but I had this special feeling that made me take this picture.

I did not see the actual orb with the naked eye, it wasn't till later that day, in the evening, that I was looking at my photos from our walk on my computer, and I suddenly noticed this 'greenish-blueish' orb sitting behind these branches.


I zoomed in on the photo and it really does look like there's a glowing ball hovering slightly above the forest ground.


This one seems to be more of a physical nature, compared to the other photo orbs.


This was taken in Canada, in the same forest and on the same day, as above picture. July 2014.


Here it is a very clear blue shape, maybe two, one above the other. Again, I did not see it while I was there, this only appeared on the photo. But again, this was in a spot of the forest where I felt something that made me stop and take a photo.


Clearly, I sometimes get the feeling of stopping and take a photo and there is no orb showing on the photo, but it is a different kind of sensation I get, take the photo, and then afterwards see an orb.


A picture from Lucca, Italy. July 2017.


A historical town dating back to 700 B.C., Lucca's fascinating city fort wall itself harbors many stories. (The present wall was even designed by Leonardo da Vinci).


On this photo I noticed three black orbs, interesting that they were black, considering some of the more unpleasant stories connected with parts of the wall.


I have pictures taken seconds after, and at the same location with no visible orbs.



Color interpretation of orbs




This above site offers some useful information on orbs and their coloring. (not only blue).


You can also find theories about the possible natural explanation of orbs stemming from lens reflections, dust particles in the air etc.


The nature of orbs is of course debatable; are they spirits or entities from other dimensions or are they merely caused by light and lens reflections?


In my experience, orbs tend to show up on photos where people who are extremely sensitive to energy vibrations and frequencies (like myself), have felt 'something'. Therefore it seems only natural to link the two - that some kind of different energy is present and shows up on photos, which is of course a different medium of input/outlet than our naked eye.


I believe, of course, that people are free to have their opinion and make up their own mind on the matter of orbs and the messages they may be holding for us.


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