Born in Denmark, lived abroad for two decades, Marianne's world perspective embraces people from all locations.

Forever attracted to the mystical, the myths, the mysteries, the legends, the pagan, the symbols, the well-being of everything living, spirituality, human nature, mother Earth and the cosmos, the natural world, music, the fairy tales and the ancient worlds, her range of interests is so wide she is constantly absorbing new knowledge and exploring new frontiers and realms, while working on keeping grounded and operating in the physical reality.


She discovered her natural talent for sensing and balancing energies around 1998. She soon felt the urge to share her numerous skills to help and benefit others as well, and started working with clients around 2001. Her natural healing and spiritual skills have since then expanded and to this day her worldview and practice keeps expanding with them.


Marianne published her first book in April, 2018, and is currently working on her second book about her own research and experiences in the worlds of the metaphysical, spiritual expansion, energy fields and natural healing.





Marianne's Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Energy work can expand your consiousness and lift your awareness and understanding of your soul and your life.

She can act as a catalyst for your spiritual journey or be your co-pilot while you go through challenging times.


Her natural skills, research and personal experience revolve around the fields of:


  • Energy work: Crystals, earth and cosmic energies, energetic links between people and places, angelic energies/virtues, alchemy.
  • Mediumship: Clair senses, past life connections, tarot cards, visions, higher/cosmic consciousness.
  • Healing: Shamanism, Earth healing, Quantum healing, Metaphysics, Intuitive medicine, Coaching.
  • Other: Ancient history connections, psychology, numerology, symbolism, sacred geometry, feng shui, color, sound and music.


Based on her aptitude for energies and healing, as well as her strong psychic and intuitive skills, Marianne puts together the pieces of your soul's 'life puzzle' and brings the information to you in an easy-to-understand manner. She has got an uncanny knack for pinpointing your essence, and what is needed in YOUR life to balance you and make you feel whole and in harmony at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.



"I have always felt drawn to Mother Earth’s energies, and the stars and space above us;

In Nature lies the flow to our own existence; it is where we can measure our strengths and our beauty- as well as our potential. It is one of the places that teaches us spiritual virtues like patience, maturity, adapting to changes, respect for our surroundings- and it enhances our conscious connection with spirit.


I have somehow always been aware on some level, that something bigger and deeper is going on than what meets the physical senses. Trying to find answers has led me down a spiritual path that has widened and deepened, the further I went.


I sometimes call myself an Energy Specialist as I know I have always had a profound knack for not only sensing energies but also for intuitively knowing how to balance and mediate them- for the highest good. It is a skill I have gotten used to and have used and developed for many years, to help myself, and others from around the world alike.

My spiritual 'awakening' happened in the mid 1990s where I consciously began to develop my spiritual side and to research the 'ancient, the spiritual and the mysterious'.

Courses I have since taken include: Chakra health, Yoga, Reiki*, Anatomy & Physiology*, Holistic Massage*, Coaching, NLP, Crystal Therapy, Psychology, Mindfulness, Art of Living/Kriya breathing, the Seven Rays, and Meditation.

*I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, Vedic Reiki Practitioner, Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and Holistic Massage Therapist".


- Marianne Johansen




  • Connecting with energies of the Earth
  • Remote viewing to distant locations or people for the higher good
  • Indigenous Peoples- their rights and their lifestyle
  • Children and Young people of today- their right to be and to live like spiritual beings
  • Connecting with Nature and the Cosmos
  • Expanding on and sharing knowledge of our spirituality, the Universe and our own Human Nature



SELF-AWARENESS is the first step


"When you want to see change, the only place to start is within".



Monday - Friday: 9am - 3pm

Sat/Sunday: 10:30am - 2pm

Closed: Public holidays



Marianne Johansen is based in Egå, Denmark.

Email: kontakt@mariannejohansen.com

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