Marianne's Intuitive Healing and Spiritual work is largely based on a profound wisdom and psychic insight as well as an innate sense of empathy. She feels energies and vibrations and intuitively knows how to balance them for forward movement. She has over the past twenty years taken courses, done research, and gained personal experience in many fields of interest, such as:


Energy work: Crystals, earth and cosmic energies, energetic links between people and places, angelic energies.

Mediumship: Clair senses, past life connections, tarot cards, visions, higher/cosmic consciousness.

Healing: Shamanism, Earth healing, Quantum healing, Metaphysics, Intuitive medicine.

Other: Ancient history connections, Psychology, numerology, symbolism, sacred geometry, feng shui, color, sound and music.


Based on all these interests, and her own life experience, Marianne’s 'tool-box' has grown rapidly and lets her put the pieces of your soul's 'life puzzle' together through her many clairvoyant and psychic senses, and intuitive skills. She has an uncanny knack for pinpointing what is needed in YOUR life to make you feel whole, together and in harmony on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels.




"I have always felt drawn to Mother Earth’s energies, and the Stars; I find that Nature is where we can discover our strengths, powers and flow. It is one of the places that teaches us about our inner world and can help us tap into the bigger and deeper 'beyond'.


I call myself an Energy Specialist as I have always known that I have a profound and innate knack for not only sensing energies but also for intuitively knowing how to balance and mediate them - for the highest good. A skill I have now used for many years, to help myself - and others.

My cosmic consciousness started to dawn within me around the late 1990s. Since 1998, I have intuitively been working with Crystals and their energies whilst developing my clair/psychic senses (seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing).

That knack for reading energies (crystals and other) and my psychic senses and intuitive knowledge of natural healing modalities, has developed into a unique blend of skills, which I use to help many people from all over the world.

Some other courses I have taken are: Chakra health, Yoga, Coaching, NLP, Art of Living/Kriya breathing, the Seven Rays, and Meditation.

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, Vedic Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Massage Therapist and Jikiden Reiki Practitioner."












"One of the prominent drives in my Life is to dig deep to get to the essence of everything; to get behind the layers and clear the way so our core can shine!"


Marianne Johansen




Rising Soul




  • Connecting with the energies of the globe as a whole, as well as certain energy 'hot spots' comes natural to me. I have often been 'placed' or travelled to connect with energies of ancient castles and sites. I also connect via remote viewing to distant locations or people, and sense events that have taken place, or will take place.
  • Being so receptive to energies has made me spend much of my life on finding a balance in life between the physical, psychological and spiritual world. A balance, I now help others find, as we are all spiritual beings..
  • Indigenous peoples and the environment of our Planet are core topics of mine, with which I have previously worked, and which stoke my inner fire and sense of justice. I like to weave this sense into my work as a natural healer and spiritual mentor as well.
  • I feel especially strongly about the rights of children and young people of today to be able to unfold their spirituality and to be encouraged - through general and societal support and acceptance - to live their life in touch with their Soul.
  • Exploring and honoring our connection with Mother Nature and the Cosmos.
  • Continually expanding on knowledge of our spirituality, the Universe and our own human nature.



SELF-AWARENESS is the first step


"When you want to see change, the only place to start is within".



Monday - Friday: 9am - 3pm

Sat/Sunday: 10:30am - 2pm

Closed: Public holidays



Marianne Johansen is based in Egå, Denmark.

Email: kontakt@mariannejohansen.com

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